Scalp Micropigmentation

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Waikato Balding Solutions

The Permanent solution to balding

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly effective solution for people suffering from balding. Angela will use her specialist knowledge and techniques to disguise the appearance of balding by tattooing small dots of pigment onto the scalp that build up to create a ‘buzz cut’ look on the scalp.

Revival SMP Studio is an outstanding clinic that specializes in scalp micropigmentation. SMP Artist, Angela Floyed, uses the latest techniques and equipment to deliver natural results. Angela understands the importance of a natural-looking hairline and works closely with her clients to ensure they achieve the desired results. Whether it’s a receding hairline or complete baldness, Revival SMP Studio based in Waikato can help anyone looking for a permanent and natural-looking solution.

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Treatment Summary

Treatment Duration

2 - 9 Hours

Results Duration

2 - 5 Years

Sensitivity Period

12 - 36 Hours

No. of Sessions

At least 2 Sessions


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